Who am I, and why should you care?

My name is Pim van Pelt, born of Dutch parents in The Netherlands in July of 1976. On these pages, you can get to know me and the stuff I've done in the past and plan to do in the future. This is actually version four of my homepage. For the older ones, I suggest you take a look at the Internet Archive or my own history pages. They didn't amount to much (and to be honest, neither does this one) and all of their useful content has been rolled up into the website you see in front of you today.
To your right you will find a picture of me, taken in Haarlem, NL during the Christmas holidays in 2001. Note the cute furry Sun Microsystems santa-hat I'm wearing. Click on it to produce an even larger mugshot of me.

Pim van Pelt <pim@ipng.nl>

What will you find here?

Just some of my dabblings as a person and as an engineer. If you'd like to know who I am and what I've done, you can take a look at the navbar of this website. I have written several open source projects, and worked at several companies (small and large). The software projects I have opened up to the public (using for example a GPL, BSD or Artistic license) can be found in the Projects section. Most of them are hosted at Sourceforge.

I like movies and film. Please check out my (personal and subjective) favorites in my film section.

My other passionate hobby (since ~2007 at least) is playing with RC models. I own a significant collection of planes, helicopters and trucks. If you are willing to tolerate my materialism, please take a look at my fleet.